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Case Study Questions On Risk Management - 1030 Words

Assessment task 3 ABC Co. XYZ road, Australia Website: Phone: email: TITLE: RISK ASSESSMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES DATE: 1-1-201X TO: ASSESSOR FROM: Mr.ABC Introduction This report covers the detailed description about risk management conducted from 1-1-201X to 30-1-201X. It contains every information and documents that was prepared and implemented for the plan including plans, feedbacks and assurance. Risk assessment- scope Risk assessment of entire organization at McDonalds. Risk assessment-Internal external stakeholders Internal stakeholders are managers, employees and owners External stakeholders shall be experts, general public and government.(†¦show more content†¦Risk assessment-feedback a) Feedback was taken through emails. Evidence for this is as: MEMORANDUM To: employees From: managers, supervisors, team workers Date: 1-1-201X Subject: feedback for risk management recently done. As we all know, we are commencing risk management plan this month. so we are trying to perform each and every step to make this risk management perfect, for this we need feedback from those who are regularly associated with those risks. This is a memorandum to take feedback from you; this should be filled carefully by each individual till the end of this week. Feedback process is expected to be completed till 1-1-201X. Recommendations and ideas are appreciated. Below is the feedback form to be filled in by each employee per the date specified. Feedback form Answer each of the five questions. †¢ Identify risks that exists in our organization †¢ What are the causes of such risks †¢ What will happen if those risks are avoided? Risk assessment- risk identification Risks were identified as: 1. Questionnaires: we focused on detecting the concern of staff with respect to the risks or threats that they perceive in their operating environment. 2. Brainstorming: a group of employees forward their ideas and sensations of risks. 3. Workshops: 2 workshops were conducted for participation of each worker to identify risks. 4. Delphi techniques:Show MoreRelatedCase Study Questions On Risk Management Essay999 Words   |  4 PagesDate: 4th October, 2016 Risk Management; DNSC-6254 Risk Management â€Å"Case Study # 2 - ERM† Prepared by: The A Team Aurelia Lianda   Rafael Aita   Nathan Peppler   Osamah Alturki   Moyaid Aseel Table of Contents Page 1. Question # 1.1 3 a) Question # 1.1 – (1.1.1) 3 b) Question # 1.1 – (1.1.2) 3 c) Question # 1.1 – (1.1.3) 3 2. Question # 1.2 4 a) Question # 1.2 – (1.2.1) 4 b) Question # 1.2 – (1.2.2) Read MoreThe Risks Healthcare Providers Experience And The Impact Cloud Computing1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe study by Glasberg et al (2014) analyzes the risks healthcare providers experience and the impact cloud computing has in using the new technologies. Focusing on overall risk management, the study takes a holistic approach, where the research focuses both on human and organizational aspects. Using interviews as a form of data collection, the authors categorize risks and assesses impact from 2 perspectives; supply (S) and information systems (IS) as shown in the table 1 below. Table 1 Risk RiskRead MoreThe Baseline Theory, And Game Theory1102 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch case study. For the problem statement given above, game theory stands high applicable chances based on the idea that any business has to weigh the risks involved before considering a particular strategy (Blonski Spagnolo, 2015). Cloud computing is part of the technologies seen important in the contemporary business context. This, however, is accompanied by many risks and any organization has to determine such risks, and identify who loses and who gains in the undertaken risk. EnvisionedRead MoreCase Study616 Words   |  3 PagesCase Study | Quantum Telecom Questions 1. How do we eliminate politics from gate review meetings? Gate review meetings are a form of project close. Gate review meeting could result in the closure of a life-cycle or the closure of the entire project. At each gate, the continuation of the process is decided by the project manager or a steering committee. The decision is based on the information available at the time, including the  business case,  risk analysis, and availability of necessary resourcesRead MoreProject Risk Management - Fluidity in Risk Planning Case Study1098 Words   |  5 PagesRisk Paper 2 Project Risk Management- Professor Hurst Fluidity in Risk Planning – A Case Study One of the most important steps within a project is risk management because it plans for and responds to risks that impact the overall project deliverables including budget and timeframe. Risk management is used to mitigate risk in ways that align with each individual risk and its potential impact. During the risk management process risks are identified and defined and a plan to control, monitor andRead MoreInvestment and Burgundy Asset Management916 Words   |  4 PagesFIN 6310 Case Studies Purchase Case Studies (4) †¢ Ivey Case Studies (2) o You will need to create an account at o Then search for and put the following two cases in your cart. Download the spreadsheets. o Burgundy Asset Management: The Wescast Investment Decision o Burgundy Asset Management: †¦. Spreadsheet o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 – Spreadsheet for students o CheckoutRead MoreRisk Management And Regulation Challenges Faced By Businesses1204 Words   |  5 Pagesderived theories to explain and measure the risk management and regulation challenges faced by businesses in their operations. According to Cox (2007), businesses are affected by diverse risks both in their internal and external environment. Among them include financial and marketing risks, violence crises, and natural disasters. Due to uncertainty of the consequences, several authors have described risk management as the counter measure to reduce impact. Risk is defined as events whose unfavorable consequencesRead MoreInformation technology for managers1289 Words   |  6 Pagesinformation and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Academic Resource Center, 1-800-354-9706 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online at Further permission questions can be emailed to Content Product Manager: Heather Furrow Senior Art Director: Stacy Jenkins Shirley Cover Designer: Lou Ann Thesing Cover Image:  ©Getty Images/Photodisc Technology Project Manager: Chris Valentine Read MoreInterviews On Interviews For Data Collection1020 Words   |  5 Pagesanalysis of data (Cooper and Emory, 1995). It involves (a) selecting sources and types of information used to answer the research questions; (b) specifying the relationships among the study’s variables; and (c) outlining each procedure for conduct of the research. The research design not only provides the plan and structure for an investigator to obtain answers to research questions, but also helps researchers to allocate their limited resources in order to complete the research project within time and financialRead MoreApplication Process For Managing Risk, Compliance Risk At The Workplace1706 Words   |  7 Pages4. Identify and provide the resources to introduce and sustain participation. WHS Policy Guide How to respond will be auctioned. †¢ Communicating with the workplace, the importance of providing an efficient mechanism for managing risk, compliance risk in the workplace. - Discussing Web issues. - To listen to the concerns and skills. - To my mind, your role. - Find information and share views. - Triggered à ¹Æ'a appropriate. - Consider what is to be decided. - Attend scheduled. †¢ The application process

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College Student Gambling Examining the Effects of Gaming...

COLLEGE STUDENT GAMBLING: EXAMINING THE EFFECTS OF GAMING EDUCATION WITHIN A COLLEGE CURRICULUM A Thesis Presented by MARYANN CONRAD Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE September 2008 Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management  © Copyright by Maryann Conrad 2008 All Rights Reserved COLLEGE STUDENT GAMBLING: EXAMINING THE EFFECTS OF GAMING EDUCATION WITHIN A COLLEGE CURRICULUM A Thesis Presented by MARYANN CONRAD Approved as to style and content by: ______________________________________ Chris Roberts, Chair ______________________________________ Linda J. Shea, Member†¦show more content†¦1 Background of the Problem .................................................................................. 1 Statement of the Problem...................................................................................... 3 Purpose of the Study ............................................................................................. 3 Research Questions and Hypotheses .................................................................... 6 Definition of Terms............................................................................................... 8 Significance of the Study ...................................................................................... 9 Limitations of the Study...................................................................................... 10 Organization of the Thesis .................................................................................. 11 2. REVIEW OF LITERATURE ............................................................................. 13 Introduction......................................................................................................... 13 Origins and Evolution of Gambling in the United States ................................... 13 Pathological and Problem Gambling Overview ................................................. 18 Brief History ...........................................................................................Show MoreRelatedInternet Addiction: Use of Social Networking Sites and Its Impact on Intermediate Students3248 Words   |  13 PagesINTERNET ADDICTION: USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES AND ITS IMPACT ON INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS Abstract: Widespread use of internet has led to a kind of addiction. The present study examined the use of Internet and getting addicted to the social networking sites and on the whole its impact on intermediate level students. The sample comprised of 285 students out of which the addicts were pulled out. The tools used were questionnaire developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, the IAT which is a 20-item questionnaireRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pages978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web) ï £ © Pearson Education Limited 2011 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to download and photocopy the manual as required. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies around the world. Visit us on the World Wide Web at: ---------------------------------This edition published 2011  © Pearson Education Limited 2011 The rights of Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington andRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages This online teaching and learning environment integrates the entire digital textbook with the most effective instructor and student resources With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual

Ict Helps Student in Many Ways Free Essays

TOPIC 1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the issues that divide world. In richer countries, schools can afford and supply with many modern ICT infrastructures, hardware and software but reverse situation happen to the poorer countries. Schools may be without electricity and does not have modern ICT infrastructures. We will write a custom essay sample on Ict Helps Student in Many Ways or any similar topic only for you Order Now ICT has the potential to transform learning in and beyond classroom. ICT can also provide an easy situation even in limited of space and time. There are some benefits of ICT in learning which are student can access enormous amount of information quickly, learning process become easier and more update about new issues and can improve richness of learning experience. As mentioned above, ICT helps students to get many useful information. They do not have to worry about lack of information during their study time because ICT help them in gaining a lot of information. Students just need to click the mouse and just in seconds, everything already get ready. Moreover, students no longer have to rely on printed books as main references. Sometimes references books contain outdated information thus learners will carry on wrong information. This will bring bad efffect in learning process. If they stick at ICT, they only need to carry notebook which mean more light and conventional. With the internet, a wealth learning materials in almost every subject can be excess everywhere anywhere. Almost all information in internet are up-to-date. According to Kate Mckenzie, â€Å"ICT in education is the key to unlocking the skills and knowledge of our future generations of young people. It is the tool for learning for the 21st century† (Mckenzie, 2006) Based on Kate Mckenzie word, it prove that ICT is very important to everyone especially youngster. In a nutshell, ICT brings many good things in daily life. It give benefits to both teachers and students in educational world. ICT also provide better situation in the classroom. Some benefits of ICT that can be discuss are first ICT help student to gain many information in the short time. As a student, we have to find a lot of information in a short time by the ICT needed to help simplify and speed up our work. Next, using ICT learning process will become easier and more up to date. Students are no longer left to obtain the latest and fresh information. Lastly, through ICT students and teachers will be able to renew their teaching techniques to more effective ways. Although ICT is a new technology, however ICT still provide tradisional methods which include writing, drawing and gaining information from the text. In order to achieve developed country status, Malaysia have to upgrade the user of ICT in our daily life in order to make sure our civilians always up-to-dated to new information. References Blurton, P. C. (1999) New direction of ICT-use in education. Retrieved from http://www. unesco. org Nwosu, D. O. and Ogboma, E. F. (2008). ICT in education: A Catalyst for effective use of information. Retrieved from http://unllib. unl. edu Misra, S. (Dec 2010). Role of ICT in enhancing the educational productivity. Retrieved from http://www. academia. edu Mckenzie, K. (2006). Retrieved October 16, 2012, from http://www. naace. co. uk How to cite Ict Helps Student in Many Ways, Essay examples

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They Arent just Books Anymore free essay sample

An argumentative paper about the need to improve library usage. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the need for library media specialists to promote library media programs. The writer argues that specialists need to be proactive in selling the media library programs and services. The argument includes ideas on changing the traditional view of libraries as well library media specialists. The world of the library has changed in ways that we never imagined were possible. Today with the click of a mouse we can visit nations across the ocean, we can check the price of stock and there is no topic on earth that cannot be researched if we know how to use the Internet. Gone are the days that libraries handed out cards and one was limited to two books a week. Gone are the days in which one went to the library and could not find what they needed because the topic was obscure. We will write a custom essay sample on They Arent just Books Anymore or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page

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Poverty in Canada.

Poverty in Canada. Poverty is a reality in Canada today. Despite having one of the higheststandards of living among all the developed nations, and despite being voted numerous times in recent years by the United Nations as the best country in the world in which to live, experts agree that poverty is prevalent in Canada today. Unfortunately, that is more or less where the agreement ends. Exactly how prevalent and how serious a problem poverty is in Canada is an open question that has been hotly debated for the last 10 years.There have been two times in the past 300 years when economic structural changes have occurred in the world that have been so massive and so far-reaching, that the impact on societies has been nothing short of monumental.The first time was in the Industrial Revolution which began in the early 1700s and caused massive societal transformations, especially in the western world, changing life from agrarian-based societies to industrial-based societies.POVERTYThe second time was in the ea rly 1980s with the beginning of the "Information Revolution." Today, a rapid, world-wide, economic transformation is taking place that is changing our societies from industrial-based societies to information-based societies, the 3rd wave.These changes are part of a greater phenomenon called "globalization" . The improvement in technology lead to a desire to make trades with other countries, and therefore allowing foreign companies to sell in Canada and thereby compete with Canadian companies, and vice versa ("Laisser faire, laisser passer" - Adam Smith).This increased competition lead to ever greater pressures on Canadian companies to reduce their costs of producing goods. Companies closed down and went looking in third world countries because labour is cheaper. At the same time, technology was replacing human labour; employees lost their jobs, being replaced by machines that could do the...

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A Brief History of Prosthetics

A Brief History of Prosthetics The history of prosthetics and amputation surgery begins at the very dawning of human medicine. In the three great western civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, the first true rehabilitation aids recognized as prostheses were made. Early use of prosthetics goes back to at least the fifth Egyptian Dynasty that reigned between 2750 to 2625 B.C. The oldest known splint was unearthed by archaeologists from that period. But the earliest known written reference to an artificial limb was made around 500 B.C. During the time, Herodotus wrote of a prisoner who escaped from his chains by cutting off his foot, which he later replaced with a wooden substitute. An artificial limb dating from 300 B.C., was a copper and wood leg that was unearthed at Capri, Italy in 1858. In 1529, French surgeon  Ambroise Pare  (1510-1590) introduced amputation as a lifesaving measure in medicine. Soon after, Pare started developing prosthetic limbs in a scientific manner. And in 1863, Dubois L Parmelee of New York City made a significant improvement to the attachment of artificial limbs by fastening a body socket to the limb with atmospheric pressure. While he was not the first person to do so, he was the first to make it practical enough to be used in medical practices. In 1898, a doctor named Vanghetti came up with an artificial limb that could move through muscle contraction. It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that major advancements were made in the attachment of lower limbs. In 1945, the National Academy of Sciences established the Artificial Limb Program as a way to improve the quality of life of World War II veterans who suffered the lost of limbs in combat. A year later, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley developed a suction sock for the above-knee prosthesis. Fast forward to 1975 and  the year an inventor named Ysidro M. Martinez took things a major step further by creating a below-the-knee prosthesis that avoided some of the problems associated with conventional artificial limbs. Instead of replicating the natural limb with articulated joints in the ankle or foot which tended to lead to poor gait, Martinez, an amputee himself, took a theoretical approach in his design. His prosthesis relies on a high center of mass and is light in weight to facilitate acceleration and deceleration and reduce friction. The foot is also considerably shorter to control acceleration forces, further reducing the friction and pressure. New advances to keep an eye involve the growing use of 3-D printing, which has allowed for the fast, precise manufacturing of artificial limbs that traditionally have been custom-built by hand. The U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health has recently established the 3D Print Exchange program as a way to provide researchers and students with the necessary modeling and software tools to fabricate prosthetics using 3D printing machines.   But beyond prosthetic limbs, here’s another fun fact: Pare could also have laid claim to be the father of facial prosthetics, making artificial eyes from enameled gold, silver, porcelain and glass. Thats your fun fact of the day

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The Success Of BMW Company Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Success Of BMW Company - Assignment Example It explains the reason why the company has chosen focussed differentiation as the most suitable alternative. The strategy to produce luxury cars of the best quality using the latest technology provides reasons why it has evolved as the most luxurious brands used by the high-income groups in society. Then, the project assesses the key resources and capabilities which have been used by the company in the last five years. Lastly, the company’s present strategies have been evaluated in comparison to its future competition in terms of suitability, feasibility, and acceptability. The critical success factors identify the key issues that organizations should focus on to attain success. It refers to the specific areas where satisfactory results would yield competitive success for the individual, department or department. The critical factors which account for the success of BMW include industry, competitive strategies, environmental factors, managerial position and temporal factors. The most important factor that has been the key to the company’s progress towards success is its brand image. Its brand strength is so high that it allows product changes to take place smoothly and without any hurdles. It can easily introduce new products in the market without losing its share of the market. The company would also continue to attain success as long as the new products introduced under the original brand continues to meet customer requirements in terms of image, quality, and value (Ward, Srikanthan & Neil, 1990, p.10). The automobile industry has been undergoing a process of transition since the last few years. The number of suppliers is supposed to come down from 5500 to 2800 by 2015. Among the independent manufacturer's mention may be made of Fiat, Ford, Honda, and Porsche. The BMW has to compete with the above companies to be in the limelight.